Toy trends for 2023

Can you fathom that we're on the cusp of 2023? Indeed, we share in your astonishment. Despite the sensation that merely a month has elapsed since the commencement of 2022, we find ourselves on the brink of yet another year filled with promise and anticipation. Particularly for those of us who nurture the growth of budding minds, the paramount intrigue lies in the unfolding landscape of the toy industry and the nuanced projections that underscore the trends set to define 2023. Join us as we delve into a compendium of captivating prognostications, casting light upon the forthcoming currents within the realm of toys. As discerning guardians, let us elucidate what lays ahead in the year to come, promising enrichment and delight in equal measure.Toy Trend Predictions for 2022

Exploration through Education

In the wake of the 2020 global pandemic, a perceptible shift has taken place in the realm of children's play. An escalating demand has surfaced for toys that seamlessly amalgamate amusement with cognitive advancement. As the parental cohort recognizes the pivotal significance of playthings that transcend mere entertainment, a palpable inclination has emerged towards fostering holistic growth encompassing emotional intelligence, cognitive acumen, and physical dexterity. This paradigm shift underscores a burgeoning trend wherein the intrinsic value of play is harnessed as a conduit for multifaceted learning experiences, accentuating the symbiotic fusion of enjoyment and skill acquisition.

Toys like Electric Ride on Cars, jeeps, motorcycles, push cars and go-karts, encouraging their physical and motor skills are keeping the kids active and learning new values while playing together. Our superstar Freddo Bumper will make your toddler develop physical skills with endless fun!

"Kidult" solutions

By 2022, the toy industry is expected to produce more toys that children and their parents can enjoy together or separately: "kidult" toys. They say that there is an inner child in all of us, and these types of toys allow adults to explore this side of themselves. After all, you're only as old as you feel!

Lego, maze balls and puzzles are some of the games that both parents and children can enjoy.

The power of music

The "dance craze" is expected to intensify next year. In previous years, social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube have made children thirsty for measures that encourage music and movement. In 2022, the industry is expected to create a number of toys that incorporate the power of music to motivate movement and fun.

Expect to see more musical instrument sets, karaoke machines, dance mats or Ride on Cars which include mp3 and realistic sounds. Nothing like a good ride with your favourite music! Our 12V Mercedes Benz AMG GTR is perfect for that!

Social and emotional responsibility

Today's children will one day run the world. It is critical that we start showing our children the importance of social and emotional responsibility, and in a fun way! In this regard, toys that teach children to be good members of society are expected to take the industry by storm.

Think more complex dolls, intricate puppets, conversation cubes.... Let's build our kids up early.

Outdoor toys and games

As technology has taken over almost every aspect of modern life, parents have begun to react to what these advances mean for children's toys. While it would be nearly impossible to eradicate all technology from the industry, by 2022 there will be a demand for more "traditional" toys that encourage children to get away from screens and enjoy the outdoors as their parents once would have.

Jump ropes, bicycles, electric ride on cars, trampolines and playhouses are just a few of the many toys that are expected to be booming next year!



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