Driving in style - 12V Mercedes Benz GTR AMG for kids

Let's be clear, there are ride on cars... and RIDE ON CARS. Today we are talking about one of our top sellers by Freddo Toys, a car as powerful and stylish as safe and fun... we are talking about our 12V Mercedes Benz GTR AMG 1 Seater Ride on Car. And yes: Mercedes Benz, you can't miss it!

To find out more about this wonderful officially licensed Ride on Car by Freddo Toys read on, we have VERY good reasons to recommend this car that also has a discount!
12V Mercedes Benz GTR AMG 1 Seater Ride on Car
For example, do you love driving in style? ...We know you do! Driving will never be the same after driving in one of the best car brands in the world. This wonderful Ride on Car by Mercedes Benz with this GTR Sports Convertible AMG, fully licensed by Mercedes Benz, and leather seating surfaces provides an unforgettable realistic driving experience. Although it is a car for speed lovers, as it runs up to 5-8 km/h, it has an adjustable seat belt and shock absorbers on all 4 wheels to make the experience even safer.

12V Mercedes Benz GTR AMG 1 Seater Ride on Car

One of the most notable differences is that it features unbeatable sound engineering. It comes with built-in sounds for the horn, engine start, radio, plus a power outlet to plug in your favorite mp3 player.

12V Mercedes Benz GTR AMG 1 Seater Ride on Car

If we had to choose another differentiating feature of this Ride on Car, it would be its good finishes but also the advantage of being able to adapt to the child's driving experience thanks to its two speeds. Fun for all ages!

This car is one of the safest since it has EVA tires that make the ride smoother. In addition, it incorporates remote parental control. Now your kid and you can play together!

If your child looks at you every time you drive and loves Mercedes-type cars, look no further: this will be their perfect gift. Thanks to its powerful 12 V battery, your kid will have long hours of fun and will thank you forever.

This model comes with a lifetime guarantee to be the perfect gift for your little one who has been begging for a ride on car!

You can literally save money. Yes, you read that right. Investing in a good quality Ride on Car like this one, that fits your child and is safe and fun at the same time, will have your child playing for years to come! Without the need to constantly buy toys, so in the long run, your economy will benefit. PLUS, as we said at the beginning of this post, IT'S ON SALE!!!

Run to visit our FLASH SALE because it will only be available for a few days! See you next post!

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