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Have you ever noticed how much your kids love tractors? Why is that? No reliable study has been published yet that has investigated it, but everything points to the fact that it could be the wingspan of the tractors, their super wheels, the noise of the engine,... And that’s why tractors are one of the most popular ride on toys!

Today we show you our Freddo Toys 6 Wheels Tractor Trailer! Just like the famous John Deere tractors!

Battery tractor for children, an ideal option

This novelty in children’s cars is a vehicle that simulates the structure of a traditional tractor. Designed as a two-seater car, the Dti Direct 24V electric tractor has excellent equipment such as remote control for parents, Bluetooth sound system, lighting and cargo trailer, everything you need for your little one to enjoy the experience!

Fun farming!

The most striking thing about this John Deere tractor for kids is that its trailer can be lifted! Your son or daughter will be amazed, he or she will look like a real farmer: he or she will be able to collect the harvest and transport it wherever necessary.

Thanks to its powerful 24V battery and its EVA rubber wheels, it can move easily over grass and other uneven surfaces.

Our 2.4 Ghz parental remote control is an accessory that encodes the signal with the car, avoiding interference with other nearby cars. Thus, it allows us to control the speed of the tractor and has a STOP button in case of emergency to stop the vehicle.

Like the rest of our electric cars for children, this battery-powered tractor offers seat belts, a slow start that prevents jerking when starting, volume control of all the sounds it emits, and LED lights.

You can play music from your cell phone to the car via Bluetooth. Of course, our electric tractor for children also has device connection, USB reader...

As you can see, our electric tractor for children is an excellent alternative for both young driving enthusiasts and newcomers. Visit our catalog and discover a whole world of possibilities!

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