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Today we bring you one of our novelties that will leave you speechless! The Freddo Toys Dune Buggy! The star of the desert without any doubt!

Looking for a different and exceptional toy for your child? This innovative and functional electric car will allow your children to enjoy their free time to the fullest. The large wheels have the capacity of an all-terrain vehicle. It is suitable for all types of land both indoors and outdoors. Its elegant design makes it very attractive for children. Your children will enjoy playing with this electric ride on car. In addition, for added safety it has a remote control for parents to supervise their children while they learn to drive. It will be a great gift for your children.

Freddo Toys Dune Buggy FEATURES

This beautiful 4x4 electric buggy style children’s car has 2 seats, 24V battery and four powerful motors.

This 4x4 model includes 4 motors that offer more grip on less smooth surfaces, such as grass or gravel roads. It is equipped with a double seat, suitable for two small children or an older child. It includes the option of lower speed or higher speed, depending on the age of the child or the surface at the time.

Its wheels are made of EVA rubber and include shock absorbers on each of its wheels for a smoother ride. In addition, as we want the little ones riding in our cars to be as comfortable as possible, we have upgraded the plastic seats to padded leatherette ones.

It has buttons on the steering wheel that reproduce horn sounds like a real car. It also has an MP3 player input with volume control to play music while the little one enjoys the ride. It also has headlights that light up when the car is being driven.

It has a battery meter on the dashboard to indicate the battery of the toy. Its battery can last up to 2 hours on a full charge, guaranteed fun!

Is it safe?

The Freddo Toys Dune Buggy includes a parental remote control that works up to 20 m away and can control the car forward/backward, move the steering wheel left and right.

The wheels are prepared not to slide on smooth surfaces, also being made of EVA rubber they do not puncture like normal tires.

This model also includes an adjustable seat belt, to keep your child safe whether you use the remote parental control option or drive it on your own.

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