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Don't know which car to choose for your child? We make it easy for you! Today we introduce you this all-terrain vehicle ready for your children to enjoy unlimited fun... on all types of terrain!

The Freddo Toys Off Road UTV Ride on car is one of our best all-terrain vehicles and therefore one of our TOP SELLERS.
Freddo Toys Off Road UTV Ride on car FEATURES

This ride on car for kids has a lot of extras. It is an all-powerful car fresh out of the oven at an unbeatable price.

This spectacular 4x4 all-terrain vehicle has 2 motors driven by a 24V motor for maximum power and extra long riding time and a tandem seat, allowing two small children (2-3 years old) or a single child up to 8 years old to enjoy at the same time, taking into account that the maximum weight of this model is 110 lbs.

As if all that wasn't enough, the Freddo Toys Off Road UTV Ride on car also comes standard with an MP3 music player, radio, realistic on/off sounds, LED lights, remote control, doors that open & close from both sides for easy mobility and leather seats.

Is it safe?

No doubt about it! All our ride on cars are approved according to current regulations, so there is nothing to worry about.

This model has a roll cage for extra protection, and its EVA rubber wheels prevent slipping.

It is also important to note that it includes a remote control for safety and tranquility of parents who also has an emergency off button at your disposal and also includes, as it could not miss, a seat belt for each child.

BatteryRide on carRide on car with remote control

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