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DTI DIRECT presents one of the most spectacular models of the year, the Lamborghini Veneno ride on car for kids. This model of electric car for kids is manufactured with official Lamborghini license and with a design with sporty lines, careful, elegant and luxurious equipment.

Highlights include its doors with gull opening through shock absorbers that allows you to leave the doors at the top with total security. It also highlights its depotive seat with capacity for two children and with a leatherette finish. It also has a 3-point belt and an audio system with FM radio, different readers (USB, SD, MP3) and pre-recorded music.


This car includes a 2.4GHz parental remote control avoiding interference with other nearby cars. With this remote control allows you to control the speed of the car allowing to increase or decrease it. It has a STOP button in case of emergency and has 3 speeds to be regulated by the adult. What is a parental control? Click here for more information.

The Lamborghini Veneno ride on car incorporates a USB, SD and auxiliary input for devices such as an MP3, iphone, ipod or other playback system. The music player can be heard in the car through its speakers. It also has FM radio with station finder.

The car has an eye-catching sports seat for two children with a 3-point seat belt for added safety. It is padded and made of leatherette, just like the original.

The battery that incorporates this model has a capacity of 24V, which gives it a power and durability of many hours. It also incorporates an indicator on the dashboard to know the status of the battery.

On/off switch for the front and rear lights. LED lighting. Dashboard lighting.

The steering wheel is decorated in its central part with the Lamborghini symbol. It also incorporates buttons whose use corresponds to pre-recorded music, horn and volume control to regulate the volume.

Doors with safety latch and suspension-controlled opening. The doors open vertically.

The car has sporty wheels made of EVA rubber. Includes front and rear suspension.

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