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As a general rule, electric ride on cars for childrens are usually one seater, unless it is very visible that it has two seats. However, it is not always as obvious as it seems on all occasions.This is because although we see two headboards as two seats, the size of the seats is too small for two kids, although there are times that could be a seat and a half, that is, for a larger child and a smaller one.

To appreciate these differences we will show the example of our 12V Mercedes Benz AMG GTR ride on car which is available with one seat and two seats.

1 seater Mercedes Benz AMG GTR Ride-on car

Mercedes Benz AMG GTR 1 seater

This model has a leather seat in the center, the steering wheel is also in the center, it has a five-point seat belt that spans from side to side of the seat and the accelerator pedal is located on the right side.

After seeing the above features we can easily conclude that this car would be suitable for one child only, and we can also see that the seat space is not big enough for two children.

There are other cases that we could find confusing, as in the case of the Lamborghini Aventador SVG ride on car.
Lamborghini Aventador SVG 1 seater

In the case of this particular model we can see two headrests on the seat, which could indicate that it is a 2-seater model, but if we look closely we can see that it has only one seat belt, the steering wheel is placed in the center of the car and the accelerator pedal is located a little to the right of the central axis of the car, which indicates that this model is a one-seater and not two-seater as it seems at first glance.

2 seater Mercedes Benz AMG GTR Ride-on car
Mercedes Benz AMG GTR 2 seaters

There are some models that do not become two-seater and are of seat and a half, but in the case of this model we can see that there are two leather seats clearly differentiated and separated by a space, each seat has its own adjustable seat belt and also the size of the car is larger than the one-seater. Another major difference that indicates that this model is indeed a two-seater is that the steering wheel is located on the left side of the vehicle and, therefore, the accelerator pedal is also placed on that side.

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