New Aqua Marina's AIRCAT series
If there is something we want to do this summer, it is (apart from barbecues and sleeping a lot) to take a trip to our favorite seas and lakes in the United States!

In the US we have a fantastic geography full of places to practice refreshing and fun water sports, alone or with our loved ones. That's why today we want to tell you about one of our products from the Aquamarina brand, a reference in the water sports sector and that has premium products such as kayaks, boats, and other accessories (check them out here). The product we want to talk about is the

AIRCAT INFLATABLE CATAMARAN SERIES, designed with the best features for those days in which you find the option of moving on the water seems the best and the most entertaining and relaxing! Keep reading:

Aircat 9'4'' Inflatable Catamaran

Featuring ultra-stable tunnel hull and generous deck space, this inflatable catamaran is impressive with its outstanding capacity and the ability to brave winds and waves while being high-speed. And what if you fancy a take-away camping with your family? Then just carry the full gear and enjoy the trip!

Mounted carrying handles

Available in different sizes, AIRCAT is an ideal water safety craft and a touring boat. The unique open bow design is the favorite for fishing and diving lovers, offering a spacious standing or resting platform.

Open bow for easy access

Constructed of Aqua Marina’s signature High Frequency Welding Technology for tube chambers, combining Drop Stitch Light Technology applied on the air deck, AIRCAT is born to be safe, rigid, super-stable, but ultra-light. Gone are the days when a dedicated boat trailer is required.

Built-in oar lock system for easy rowing

Now just pack it in the carry bag! Together with all the matching accessories, it can fit into the back seat of most cars. The new Aqua Marina's AIRCAT series will be the guarantee of a day of fun and relaxation!
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