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Family summers smell like the beach. Whether you live on the coast or you decide to park the city routine for a while to rent an apartment, a beach hotel or stay with relatives, it’s a great time to enjoy ours.

One of the best things to spend some great days at the beach, at the lake or at the river is to get a board or a boat to enjoy from the water. A novelty that surely surprises your children and that will make you all together have a great time.

In DTI DIRECT we have thought about these days and we have included in our catalog water sports products! Boats, kayaks and stand up paddle boards. Here we tell you a little more about them.


Do you love the sea and are you thinking about what will be your next adventure this summer? Then do not miss the inflatable boats that we have in our online store! Most of them have the perfect capacity so you can sail with your partner, friends and family.

Having an inflatable boat for your vacation is an economical option that will allow you to move freely in search of the best areas for diving and discovering the most beautiful marine ecosystems. Get the one you like the most and enjoy a wonderful experience, ideal for the most adventurous families and friends who love marine life.

Made with resistant materials that guarantee a great buoyancy. Suitable from 1 to 4 people, with inflation-deflating valves, resistant handle, rope, etc. everything you may need! They also have an auxiliary air chamber to keep the boat afloat in case there is a problem with the other chambers.


Kayaking is an adventure sport, it connects you with nature, it gives you a close view of the coasts. It allows you to reach places that would otherwise be difficult to access, such as the inside of caves.

To move around with the kayak, the paddle is used as a rudder. This water sport requires good balance, strength in the arms and back, control and coordination if practiced in pairs. Speed and direction depend on the rapport of those who are in the same kayak.

They are made of plastic, are very resistant and can withstand anything! They are minimalist and do not sink. In case of a fall into the water, you can easily climb up. It also allows freedom of movement. All this makes it an ideal means of transport for people who are starting out, want to dive, fish or surf.

You will have a great time!


This water sport can be defined as a form of sliding on the water with a surfboard, using a paddle as a tool of displacement while standing.

It is the water sport that has gained more popularity in recent years. It can be practiced in the sea, lakes, reservoirs and rivers, at any age.

There are different ways to practice this sport: Walking, Yoga, Surfing, Racing, Fishing,...

This makes that there are different designs of boards according to their use and that they are manufactured according to the weight of the sailor. We can find them rigid or inflatable.

Thus, the size (length and width) and the shape of the board will provide us with a series of characteristics that will offer us more or less stability, maneuverability or speed depending on the modality we want to perform.

In DTI DIRECT we have several types of SUP boards depending on the needs of each one.

Go to our Water Sports section and discover all the options! This summer you will have a great time!

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