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For a few more days, our Independence Day SPECIAL SALE will remain active until June 14, 10 days since we proudly celebrate our country, the United States.

Due to this celebration, which is one of our favorites, we wanted to share with you our happiness by launching this special sale with a lot of items discounted up to 20%, so you can increase a little more the happiness you feel on a day like the 4th of July!

We have put several products at incredible prices, like never before! If you visit our Independence Day special sale section you will find numerous products: ride on cars, ride on toys, and the occasional miniature remote control car perfect for collectors.

Without a doubt, for the little ones, there are many products that we love but the one that really touches our hearts is the Bumper Car by Freddo Toys, with its design inspired by a little whale. It is round, rotates 360º and is perfect for your baby's first steps. We are dying of love! Plus, its sound effects are incredible given the age range for which this product is intended. Right now, you can find the  Bumper Car by Freddo Toys at $143.99, a steal!

Let's move on to the Ride on Cars for kids. We are having a hard time deciding! We love that they have remote parental control so parents can be involved in playtime with their kids and create a special bond. Also, the sound effects, mp3, Bluetooth, AUX... The best background music while our kids practice to steal our car when they grow up!

We'll tell you why we have a hard time deciding: have you seen the NEW 24V 4x4 Freddo Toys Dune Buggy 4 Seater Big Ride on? And the Licensed Bentley Bentayga 12V Battery Operated Kids Ride on Car with Parental Remote?

This "mini"  Bentley has a very elegant and chic finish, even for a child, we love it! And the new 4x4 Dune Buggy makes us dream of traveling to the desert and ride miles of dunes. It's a dream come true for any adventure-loving child.

And let's not forget the collector's item... the Lamborghini LP570 Ragtop Remote Controlled Car! A mini Lamborghini! Wow, if you're like us and dream of high-end cars inside your garage (and outside, driving them along the coast for example), we're sorry to tell you that we don't have a full-size one but we DO have this reproduction marvel that will make you dream night and day as you drive it.

The truth is, we could never decide on just one product from our huge list of discounted products in our Independence Day SPECIAL SALE. Can you?

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