Staying refreshed  and hydrated this summer with DTI Direct

We LOVE summer, we can enjoy outdoor water sports, the temperatures are warmer (in some areas of the U.S. more than others) and everything seems idyllic. Until a major heat wave arrives and goodbye to the summer fantasy. It's important to stay hydrated and refreshed specially in those days to function well during the day and maintain our good health: with cold drinks, staying in the shade when possible and cooling our bodies.

Today we bring you 3 products to keep the heat at bay for a smooth and pleasant summer.

1. Cold drinks are a must

Drinking is essential throughout the year whenever the season is, and 1 gallon of water a day is the recommended amount. In the summer this amount may not be enough due to the high temperatures and you may need a little extra hydration with water or your favorite beverages to reduce the heat sensation. To always have cold drinks near you, we recommend this vintage-inspired Patio Cooler Rustic Furniture Style that fits in with any decor - it doesn't look like an appliance!

Patio Cooler Rustic Furniture Style - 80QT

Its made of steel with UV resistant powder coating in the outside and PP plastic in the inside and PU foam metal tube construction. It has 80 qt. capacity (good if you are with friends and family or if you want to keep cold drinks indoors for days on end) and 4 casters with 2 locking bottle opener and cap catch.

2. Bring the ice!

A refreshing drink won't last cold for long without a couple of ice cubes! A popular product for outings or just relaxing on your patio and having ice always available on hand are ice boxes.
Our Ice box and Snack holder is one of those products that may interest you if this summer you are lucky enough to be making outdoor plans or getaways to enjoy nature, whether it be at the ocean, the countryside, or going to your friend's house that has a pool.

Ice box and Snack holder

It has five cup holders around the side Center storage for ice, drinks or snacks. Tell us if it is not a good option for this summer! We love this Ice Box and use it a lot!

3. Keeping our bodies refreshed

We do not have enough words to describe how wonderful this product is and that we are fortunate to have it in our catalog. Our Delight Aurora Round Bubble Spa lights up, you can change the color of the light, holds up to 6 people and has Air Jets Massage System to release massaging water bubbles. A true gem that can't be missing in your backyard. It will also serve you well in the winter as it reaches up to 40-degree C thanks to its fast Heating System and PTC Safe Heating technology.

Delight Aurora Round Bubble Spa - 6 Person


We hope you liked our selection of products for a cool and relaxed summer, you will find all these productos and more in our Home & Garden section.


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