Steam 412 2-Person Kayak Review

Surely if you like water sports, by this time of the year you have already imagined yourself with your friends kayaking through the waters of Canada, full of energy practicing your favorite sport while the sun shines on the rivers and seas and everything is idyllic around you.

Well, it happens to us too, that's why today we are going to give you a complete review of one of our favorite Aqua Marina kayaks, for two people and with a super dynamic design, the Steam 412 Kayak.

Steam 412 2-Person Kayak

To begin with, Aqua Marina has the STEAM series, which is one of the best inflatable touring kayaks on the market. The combination of superior hull speed, outstanding durability and tracking capabilities make this kayak best in class. These Aqua Marina kyaks have super-tough reinforced PVC material and rigid drop-stitched DWF floor.

These ultra-stiff materials in the STEAM’s construction make a portable air-kayak so rigid that performs just as good as a traditional hard-shell kayak. A perfect choice for long distance adventures and mild river running in Saskatchewan or Yukon Rivers, two of our favorites.

Its premium adjustable seats with high backrest, spongy cushion will allow you to enjoy your favorite sport for a long time without straining your back, focusing on kayaking comfortably. In addition, it includes multiple storage pockets where you can carry the belongings you need to accompany you during your trip.

Steam 412 2-Person Kayak

And it's not just the seats that are comfortable, let's not forget the feet! This kayak has a durable foam footrest design for a comfortable journey. You'll almost feel better than on the couch.

Steam 412 2-Person Kayak

This Steam 412 2 Person Kayak also offers high-performance fin system for excellent tracking ability and superfast 1+8/1+16 self-bailing drain system.

Steam 412 2-Person Kayak


If you look at the front part, it has extended water splash guard bow design with hard nose protection and rubber carry handle so you can comfortably handle your kayak when you get out of the water.

Steam 412 2-Person Kayak

Its inflatable V-shape keel design makes it more efficient on strokes and the maximum weight it can hold is 341 lbs.

You can't miss this Steam 412 2-Person Kayak for cruising the waters of your favorite Canadian seas or rivers this season!

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