The new ride on cars models for kids for this summer 2021 have arrived at Dti Direct! - Dti Direct USA

We could not wait any longer to show you all the novelties of our ride on cars catalog for this summer!

Convertible, SUV, sporty, classic,... we have all styles! And what is more important, we have something for every child’s taste.


Electric ride on car officially licensed by Mercedes Benz, quality materials and finishes. It has a 2.4GHz remote control and can play MP3 music. It has two stitched leather seats and 6 soft EVA rubber wheels for comfort and durability. This model is also equipped with headlights, sound effects and adjustable seat belt. Your child will feel like the king of the road!


This quad is perfect for off-road adventures! Totally safe for children up to 3 years old thanks to its 6V battery, perfect power for a balance between safety and fun. Its EVA rubber wheels prevent sliding, better braking and a smooth ride. In addition, its sounds and realistic LED lights will make your child feel like a real pilot!


The Bentley Continental is the sportiest model of the British firm Bentley. It is characterized by offering luxury, elegance and comfort. Metallic paint, leather seats and excellent finishes as the original model. Suitable for two children, with EVA tires, LED lights, 12V battery and MP3 player.


This model is the star of the desert without any doubt! Its 24V battery is capable of supporting two children up to 132lbs and it can move on any type of terrain without any problem thanks to its EVA tires and suspensions. It also has seat belts and a remote control for the parents so they can be at ease at all times.


When a car manufacturer is inspired by a bull, this is the result! The name “Veneno” comes from a fighting bull which was said to be the strongest, the most aggressive and the fastest... dare you? Designed just like the original, it has a 24V battery and EVA wheels to be the fastest on the track! For children up to 8 years old, with capacity for two children up to 110lbs. For the safety of children and peace of mind of moms and dads, this model has a remote control, different speeds, leather seats and seat belt.

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