Tips for better paddling with your kayak
Do you own a kayak but think you don't know how to paddle well or want to improve your technique? Today we bring you some good tips to paddle better with your kayak. These tips are useful whether it is the first time you are going to practice kayaking or if you want to improve and enjoy more of this water sport. We hope these tips will help you to handle your kayak paddles with more ease. Here we go!

Before paddling

- The position in the boat is fundamental. Always sit forward, keep your back straight. If it is a closed kayak, do not lean your back against the back of the boat. If you are badly positioned, you will not be able to paddle successfully and you could even hurt yourself.
- Get a good grip on the paddle. You can't paddle well if you don't know how to hold the paddle. The paddle has two blades at its ends, which allow you to grab the power to move the kayak. Remember that the longest part of the blade goes on top and the curve of the blades should face backwards. The distance of the hands on the blade is usually a little more than the width of the shoulders. For models where the blades of the paddles are rotated, remember "right hand fixed, left hand rotating". Remember that not all paddles are the same.
- Get into the kayak successfully. Sit on top is easy because it is open. In the cokpit, you must pass one leg on each side of the seat, sit back on top of the seat and put your legs on the cokpit. Then with your arms push on the sand to go into the water. In the dock the same but faster.

How to paddle better with your kayak

If you want to learn how to paddle correctly keep in mind the following tips:
-Insert the paddle as far forward and close to the kayak as possible. Slide the paddle backwards with smooth movements towards your body. Take it out of the water and stretch the other arm doing the same movement.
- It is important that the arms are stretched out (so that it is the waist that turns).
- To turn the kayak, use the paddle as a rudder.
- At sea, wait for the right moment between waves to paddle fast, keeping the kayak perpendicular so that it does not break, so it is good that it is resistant.
- Do balance exercises, it is fundamental (it is practice).
- Relaxed body and waist according to water movements.
- The paddle is your support, you must handle it as such.
- Remember that the mobility of the paddle also depends on the type of kayak rod you have.

We hope you find these tips to paddle better with your kayak useful. Learning to paddle is not complicated, you will succeed for sure! You just need patience and follow these simple tips on how to improve your kayak paddling to make the best use of the energy of each stroke.

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