Water Sports to practice in Winter

At DTI Direct we love the sea! There are activities and water sports that can be practiced both in summer and winter and we tell you about them in our new post.

We often think that water sports and activities are only for summer, but it doesn't have to be that way. Practicing sports in the water is not only fun, but also has great advantages for our health even during the winter months when the sea temperature drops. Wearing neoprene can help insulate us from the cold. Cold water is better than we think for our health: it stimulates the immune system, releases endorphins, improves blood circulation, burns calories - when exposed to cold water, we need a lot of energy to maintain body temperature.

Grab your aquatic camera, adventure is coming with these three water sports you can practice in winter (and the rest of the year):

It is a type of canoeing. This water activity is ideal to practice in winter and keep fit.It is a fun form of exercise that you can share with one or two other people, depending on the type of kayak. While you keep your body active you can enjoy a pleasant walk along the sea. If you go a little further up in our website, in the Water Sports section we have a wide selection of kayaks that can make your day at sea!
For example: featuring the ultra-durable polyester hull covers and plenty of space, the LAXO by Aqua Marina is ideal for both beginners and advanced paddlers for use on rivers and lakes. The floor cover and top hull of side chambers are constructed of extra-strong polyester for great durability and rigidity. The LAXO series come in 3 lengths: 285cm/320cm/380cm, perfectly fit up to three people or provide a solo paddler with plenty of gear capacity for longer distance adventure.

Laxo 380 Leisure 3-Person Kayak



For those who like surfing but have no experience or are afraid of the waves... Paddle Surfing is a safe and quiet way to have a first contact. It consists of a pleasant ride on a surfboard, in which you will be standing and paddling to move. This modality is practiced in calm waters and lakes are also ideal for it. Our new FUSION by a Aqua Marina features more generous volume and payload that cater to those looking for easier ride and carrying more luggage. The comfortable diamond grooving footpad could provide extra grip while the strengthened stainless steel leash D-ring could ensure a safe ride in small waves. Constructed of Aqua Marina’s exclusive Drop Stitch Light Technology, these all-arounders are lightweight but super stiff. Coming with our new customized zip backpack this year, these classic models are highly portable with smaller size whilst packing everything inside.



For more information on these and other water sports products for kayaking, paddle surfing or boating, don't forget to check out our Water Sports section!

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