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24V Range Rover HSE 2 Seater Ride on

Lamborghini Kick Scooter

Slower than advertised

We like the suspension but the speed is not as fast as advertised. I don’t think this motor is 600 watts. There is no label on the motor to double check.

It's free, but I hope I don't need it)!

The best price)! The car model is very nice) my son liked everything

Amazing price and works great

This is the second time using dti direct and I would recommend there deals to anyone with kids.

Poor quality

Bar holding axle snapped at the solder point while child less than 45lbs was riding. Poor quality. Would not recommend

Front bar holding the axle snapped within a few months. My son is less than 50 lbs. snapped right at the solder point. Cheaply made product.

Fast Shipping! Highly Recommended


My 3 yr old grandson loves his Yellow Excavator!! Arrived to Puerto Rico in a few days!! Great Customer Service and I’ve ordered over 10 Electric vehicles last few yrs from DTI Direct!! Look no further than DTI Direct for all your electric vehicles!! They r the best

Instruction manual was horrible and incoherent!

Great people to work with

Fast response, and is exactly what I was looking for.


Never before has such a simple trinket revolutionized my worldview. This brick of LEDs and love altered my perspective. Such a small projector, with SIXTEEN FEET of projected screen? For only $50? color me impressed. I had been living in a world devoid of projectors, assuming the worst of every reviewer, imagining the ripoff this device would provide. But I was wrong. Now I can't look away from the crisp resolution of this masterwork of technology. It made me rethink my career path - creating similar devices seems the only ethical decision now. I see the cynics and pessimists of the world with a newfound pity. The philistines can't see as I can - as WE can. Whoever created this, be it a factory worker, a mere assembly machine, or a billionaire, has graced this planet with a gift that will last a thousand years.

Like new!

Our parts came in fast and brought my son’s jeep to life! Perfect, out of box, replacement parts.

One of the best xxl power wheel

We love this thing so much that we bought another one. Now we have two to racing around and modified to 72v.

G 63 Mercedes G wagon ride on battery operated toy car

The G63 Gwagon is it excellent ride on toy. It seats two children with safety straps and 24 V and four-wheel-drive makes it more enjoyable and quicker than some other battery operated cars.

24V 4x4 Chevrolet Silverado 2 Seater Ride on Truck for Kids

Freddo Storm - Compatible Motor

3 Year Product Repair under $500.00 (Accidental, Prepaid Shipping)

Toy Chopper

Great product and excellent service shipping was super fast!

Great buy

Great toy for my 2 year old daughter. Fast shipping and great customer service

This is a fantastic ride-on car. My son loves it. The remote lets us navigate for him, as he'd undoubtedly run into parked cars or curbs on his own (he's three) and our daughter uses it on her own with no issues (age 11). The turning radius is a little weak, but overall it's a fun car that both kids enjoy. The added little things like the working headlights just make it that much more awesome.