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Your child keeps asking you for a quad bike as a gift? No wonder, they are all the rage! More and more parents are finding in these quads the perfect opportunity for their children to enjoy the outdoors and speed, sharing fun moments of leisure and motor. Are you considering buying a quad bike for children? You are in the right place, because in Dti Direct we will tell you about them and we bring you our best bet, the Freddo Ride On ATV 6V!

Freddo Ride On ATV Features

Over the years, mini quads have become a very versatile and reliable vehicle, with great ease of maneuverability, which is why they are a good item for the little ones to get started in the experience of driving.

A quad for children is a quadricycle that incorporates learning and safety devices, such as current cut-off systems and even a remote control where parents can take control of it. If your child has experience in driving children’s electric cars, you should know that their operation is very similar.

However, its greatest advantage lies in being an all-terrain item, enabling it to drive on almost any surface thanks to its extra-wide tires with threads. It also has a spacious seat with footrests and its handlebars make handling the vehicle easier than with a steering wheel.

Another functional and fun feature is the LED lights distributed throughout the quad. From the headlights to the handlebars, the children will be impressed!

Is it safe?

Any expert in children’s electric vehicles will tell you the same thing: a quad bike for children is a great tool to introduce the little ones to the world of motorized driving in complete safety.

The reasons? This type of item allows a perfect balance and is more suitable for riding outdoors. However, this does not mean that children can ride freely and unattended, they must always be supervised by an adult. We would especially recommend avoiding slippery surfaces on rainy days.

Another advantage of these articles is that they cannot circulate on public roads, forcing their use in accessible and wide places, where there is no danger of colliding or running over someone.

This model is a quad with 6V battery suitable for children who are starting in the world of mobility. Among its features we can highlight that it is an article of a square, able to reach the right speed between fun and safety and has a 45W motor on the rear axle.

The Freddo Ride On ATV is suitable for children between 18 months and 3 years, and it is a very safe design with wide wheels and a switch for lighting in case you want to make night routes.

As you can see, it is just the quad that every parent wants for their little one. If you are interested in it and you still have any questions, contact us, at DTI Direct we will be happy to answer them!

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