Living spring/summer to the fullest with DTI Direct

It's been a month since we entered spring, and although in some parts of our country it may not seem like it, it's time to catch up with products to enjoy spring and summer as it should be: to the fullest. Nights watching your favorite movies in the backyard with friends or alone, playing that record that takes you to unique moments with a sound quality that transports you, barbecues, and even bouncy castles with swimming pool included!

You'll probably see items you didn't know you needed (until today), oops!

If we think of good weather and our backyard we can only think of one thing: barbecue. If you are like us and enjoy grilling meat / vegetables surrounded by your favorite people while the sun blushes your cheeks, we present you a jewel that you should not miss to become the king of barbecues: our 4 Burner Gas Grill Plus Side Searing Burner (you can also recommend it to a friend, so that you are the guest instead of the cook!)

4 Burner Gas Grill Plus Side Searing Burner

You read that right, FOUR burners! If you like to be around a lot of people, want to cook several foods at the same time or you are simply in a hurry, this burner is for you. It heats very fast and has the best materials and finishes. The 4 Burner Gas Grill Plus Side Searing Burner is perfect for both small and large patios!

If you like barbecues and outdoors but you like to have your children entertained even more, repeat with us: bouncy castle.

Tropical Play Centre Happy Hop

This type of toy is great for parties, or any small thing that comes up. We don't have too many Caribbean style beaches in the US but this one will surely help your kids get in the mood. With palm trees included and a water slide, we assure you that your kids won't want to leave this Tropical Play Centre Bouncy Castle!

Okay, so we're having a barbecue and we've got the kids playing on the bouncy castle, you know what's missing? That's it! Music! On our website we have high quality speakers but without a doubt our star product is the Krohm Bluetooth Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speakers, and not for nothing. They have features that make them unique, their sound is enveloping, you will hear even the lowest notes!

Krohm Bluetooth Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

Every good barbecue, spring cleaning day, or chill out alone deserves a good soundtrack. Get that playlist ready!

And last but not least, what a great day we had with our friends and family on this day of sun and barbecue with the best music. It's time to relax watching our favorite movie. Or maybe you want to watch that baseball game while the food is cooking or have some cool drinks.

Krohm KH6 LED Video Projector
Either way, a projector is the missing fantasy in your spring/summer days to enjoy at home or in the backyard watching whatever you feel like watching in the best quality. We recommend you to check out the Krohm KH6 LED Video Projector , we have tested it and we have no words! We know the projector quality you are imagining, and we assure you that the Krohm KH6 LED Video Projector's visualization quality will exceed any expectation. Just give it a try and let us know what you think (we're sure you'll agree).

And that's all! We invite you to check out our Home & Garden section to discover many more items that will make this spring/summer a delight. You deserve it!


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