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For children, play is learning, communication and builiding social relationships. As parents, we can enjoy the game to strengthen the bond with them.

To connect with your child through play, you have to play as a child. It seems easy, but we tend to be so busy that when our child asks us to play together, we usually don't have the time.

A child between the ages of 2 and 6 will play all the time. It is a stage in which fantasy reigns, for which the Freddo Bumper Ride on Car that rotates 360º or the Deluxe Mega Push Ride on Car by Freddo with its musical horn will be the perfect option. From the age of 6 he will continue playing, but priorities will change and he may prefer a little more action, for which a car toy with battery and resistant wheels like our 6x6 Mercedes Benz will be convenient.

In case you've been wondering how to be a better parent, here are some tips:

1. Your child controls the game
If you are going to connect with your child through play, your child has to decide what to play and how to play. Let her/his imagination and creativity control the game. You have to adapt to it, not the other way around! This also will help you known your kid better.

2. Try to be a kid again

Just try it. For a few minutes, stay away from the computer or the phone, forget about everything around you and let your imagination run wild; immerse yourself in their fantasy world. A great idea is to race with your kid while she/he drives hers/his own Ride on Car or Push / Kick Ride on Toys and you run. You can also take advantage to teach your child to win and lose in a healthy way.

3. Praise and reinforce your kid self-esteem

It is about harnessing the learning potential that the game has. Praise and congratulate your child if he completed one of the phases of the game well. Your words of love and encouragement feed her/his self-esteem and confidence in you. The child learns by playing, but you also learn how to be a better parent to your children.

In short, connecting with your child through play is an extraordinary formula to stimulate their social relationships, foster their interest in the world, enhance communication and learn to follow rules or limits.

The time you spend playing with your children is time earned in the relationship that unites you. If you want to know more about playing with your kids outdoors, heres some relevant information about the benefits of playing outdoors for your kids.

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