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We know that not all children (or parents) prefer battery-powered cars, but they opt for battery-powered motorcycles to get started in this world, either because of the child’s taste or because parents want the little ones to follow in the footsteps of the bikers in the family, since they have been running that little bug in their blood since childhood.

Electric ride on bikes are a great choice as a gift, they are toys that allow the motor development of the smallest of the house and a full use of the two hemispheres of the brain that are responsible for sending signals for coordinated movements which will give more stability and balance development to our children.
It is also very important to note that motorcycles take up less space at home than electric cars, something that many parents are concerned about.
In our online store we have two models that can adapt perfectly to the tastes of both parents and children, you can also choose the bike that best suits the needs of the child and with the features you are looking for.


BMW S1000 RR 6V
BMW S1000RR Ride on Trike

This beautiful officially licensed BMW S1000RR electric ride on trike features engine start and horn sound effects, which makes it very realistic and kids will feel like a real racing driver.
It is made of high-grade steel and durable plastics to last for years. Its long-lasting 6V lithium battery provides hours of playtime and fun.
This bike has passed the relevant child safety tests and is suitable for children up to 44 pounds, with a top speed of 4 MPH. Ideal for children up to 3 years old! It is quick and easy to assemble. It includes step-by-step instructions and only requires a screwdriver.


Chopper Style Ride on Trike
Chopper Style Ride on Trike

This Chopper style trike is made for the bikers! It has two speeds, one for beginners or younger children and another for those who dare with more speed. Its ignition and horn sounds will make the little rider feel like on a real motorcycle. It can go forward and backward with and is operated with a pedal.
With its 6V battery the child can enjoy many hours of play without problem, plus the materials with which this bike is made are of quality to withstand all possible blows and the passage of time impeccable.
It has 3 wheels for children who do not yet have balance, so parents can rest assured. It is completely safe and suitable for children up to 3 years old.
Its assembly is very simple thanks to the instructions included with the product, in addition, it can be another fun activity to do between parents and children.

6vChopperRide on carRide on trike

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