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Many of the traffic accidents can be avoided if we have the relevant road safety education that we, as adults already have (or so we think). For this reason, road safety education for children is very important, not only to prevent children from suffering any type of accident on the road, but also that in the future they become responsible adults as pedestrians, drivers, cyclists or passengers.

We expect others to educate our children on this subject, but it does not have to be like that, we can start ourselves in a very easy way and above all by leading by example. One of the benefits of this activity is that the little ones are attentive and also more responsible, being aware of the dangers of vehicles and also how to comply with the rules and regulations of road safety education.
We bring you some useful tips to teach the little ones!

  • On walks with your child you can stop in front of all the signs and invite your children to observe the shape, the color and the image it represents, explaining its meaning. After this, on another walk, you can play a game to see who sees the most signs, it will be great fun!
  • Another activity related to the previous point can be to prepare posters with the different signs you have seen and give them to your children so that they can color them correctly.
  • Don’t forget that you are the example for your children, children love to imitate how adults behave, so you must follow the rules without breaking them, otherwise it can lead to confusion.
  • If your child likes to go out for a ride with his bike or tricycle, take advantage of the stretches where he may have to ride on the road to teach him the main rules of education first hand, this way he will internalize them better.
  • On to practice the rules of the road are battery-powered cars for children, it will be their first contact with “real” driving. You can set up circuits by drawing them on the ground with chalk or cones for them to practice, they will love it! Promise!
Road Safety

We hope these tips have helped you and that you put them into practice! If you have any questions or are interested in any of our products, contact us, we offer the first contact with driving to the little ones in a totally safe way!

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