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If there is an iconic brand in the off-road vehicle sector, that brand is Jeep. Its cars, thanks to their round headlights and the form of multiple vertical lines grille, are recognizable around the globe. Given their great popularity, it is no wonder that Jeep-style ride-on cars are among the most popular on the market.

¿What are electric ride on cars off-road or Jeep style for children?

We could say that it is a small size car for children to ride, which works with a battery electric motor, and whose main feature is the presence of large wheels to be able to circulate, as its name suggests, for almost all imaginable terrain.
Asphalt, grass, sand, mud... Our children will have no trouble taming any type of surface they set their minds to. And there is nothing like getting behind the controls of one of these vehicles to overcome any obstacle that the terrain may throw at us.

Off-road electric ride-on cars with 12V

Power (or voltage) is one of the most important things to look at when choosing a car of this style. The 12V electric off road ride-ons for children are characterized by their moderate power, reduced speed and more affordable price, so this type of cars are perfect for younger children who do not need so much power. In this case the best option is the Freddo off road truck model shown below with leather seats, capacity for two children and LED lights, among other things.

Mercedes Unimog Ride on Car

Off-road electric ride-on cars with 24V

If our little racer needs more power and speed, this is where you need to be on the lookout! More power for the engine, slightly higher speeds, ability to climb steeper slopes, ability to carry a heavier load and the possibility of including some details that require electrical consumption (such as headlights that turn on, sound effects or even MP3 players for children to listen to music while driving) are just some of the factors in which the 24V models are ahead of the 12V models.

24V Freddo Jeep Style Off Road Ride on Car

The best choice of Jeep style electric ride on cars are the Freddo 24V Off Road model and the Mercedes Benz Unimog, both available in different colors, with ample space for two children, suspension, EVA tires and many more features that make them unbeatable.

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