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Nowadays we are more than used to shopping on the Internet, it has become our daily bread, but there is one thing that still surprises us today and that is: shipping costs.

Who hasn’t filled up their shopping cart, got ready to check out and was surprised to find that the shipping costs made their purchase more expensive?

This situation happens very often, so in Dti Direct some time ago we decided to provide free shipping to make the purchase of our customers more satisfactory. But why do we do it this way? How can we do it? And most importantly, what are the benefits?


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The shipping cost of a package is the cost for the company to take a product from its warehouse directly to the customer’s home. The main objective when our customers buy a product from our store is that it arrives on time and in perfect condition. For this we choose a transport company that we can trust and that we, as well as the customer, can feel safe and secure. In the case of Ride on Cars this is very important because they are products with which you have to be careful not to break and also are of large volume, for this reason in the shipping costs is always included insurance which covers any inconvenience, either by loss of the package, breakage, delay in shipment, etc.

This works for all types of products in our store, but especially with the Ride on Cars, since this insurance implies the guarantee that the package arrives in perfect condition so that the little ones can enjoy from the first moment of their expected gift, in addition, to make it so, we also include a small pre-charge of the battery of the Ride on Cars.

We offer this included shipping service because we want to give the best to each and every one of our customers and that the shopping experience in our store is as fast, efficient, transparent and satisfactory as possible. In addition, our included shipping system is also designed so that, as we mentioned at the beginning of the post, no one has any surprises at the time of purchase.

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