The 2 best Ride on Cars for your winter excursions

We love playing outdoors! In a previous blog post, we talked about the benefits of going out in search of adventure and the good things these moments bring us in our favorite landscapes accompanied by our family or friends.

Without a doubt, there are endless good things about playing in good company while breathing fresh air and getting away from screens and routine.

Today we have prepared a list with two of the best Ride on Cars for your winter excursions in which obviously can not miss the fun on wheels (in which we are experts). Grab some snacks, your scarf and gloves and... Ready, set, go!

24V 4x4 Freddo Toys Dune Buggy

Freddo Toys Dune Buggy

Look at those wheels!!! This model is the star of the desert, the countryside, or the snow lands without any doubt. Its 24V battery is capable of supporting two children up to 132lbs and it can move on any type of terrain without any problem thanks to its EVA tires and suspensions. It also has seat belts and a remote control for the parents so they can be at ease at all times. And of course, a basic: LED lights to illuminate the road at dusk on the way home so you don't miss any detail of the beautiful scenery and drive safer.
This Ride on Car is designed to run the greatest adventures whatever the season is.

12V Freddo Off Road

Freddo Toys Off Road

Can you imagine a Ride on Car that is a cross between our Police Truck and our Dune Buggy? You don't have to imagine it, it's right in front of you! Another jewel by Freddo Toys with incredible features that make it unique and of course, the star of any terrain. This is ideal for kids with an adventurous soul who dream of traveling the world on wheels in one of the most powerful Ride ons ever! This car also have Parental remote control for extra security, seat belts, EVA tires, and LED lights. Its battery is a powerful 12V.

These two cars have common features such as mp3 player, USB plug and an AUX jack to play your favorite music or podcast while driving. Maybe you can play more relaxed music for a more relaxing ride or music from your favorite action movie to feel like your Hollywood hero driving one of the best Ride on Cars on the market.

Enjoy your excursions, share your car with friends and above all, stay safe!

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