The BEST Off Road Ride on for Kids is...
If you have a child who likes action, you've probably done this type of search on the internet before. Although, let's face it, almost all kids like action and don't tend to stand still. However, if your kid always stares at you driving and dreams of having his own Ride on Car and having crazy adventures around the world... you know what we're talking about.

We have selected for you the BEST Off Road Ride on Car for kids who love adventure and playing outdoors. And rest assured, we've put safety (and fun) first!

The BEST Off Road Ride on Car is without a doubt the officially licensed 12V Mercedes Benz Unimog, which has two seats so your child will always go with the best adventure partner! The two seats are an advantage because the child will feel safer and the experience will be more fun with another car nut like them, plus they will be able to share the car and learn new values together.
Mercedes Unimog Ride on Car
It is one of the safest Off Road: its raised suspension with independent shock absorbers, the two seatbelts, EVA tires that improve braking and durability and the two riding speeds to accommodate different age and experience levels guarantees safety to incredible levels and of course will promote peace of mind for the child's parents or supervisors.
Mercedes Unimog Ride on Car
In fact, they can fully operate the vehicle wirelessly due to its long-range remote control, while letting the child simply sit back and enjoy the ride (yes, your neighbors will definitely be jealous, sorry not sorry).

But as we were saying, in addition to prioritizing safety, we have also given the importance it deserves to fun! This fantastic Off Road Ride on Car includes super realistic sounds for a real driving experience, and how could it be otherwise, it also has radio and MP3 function to play your favorite songs and drive like a real hero and multiply by a thousand the fun!
Mercedes Unimog Ride on Car
If for your child fun equals speed, an important fact is that the maximum speed it goes on is 3-5 mph, not bad for a Ride on Car, don't you think?

But what about functionality? Wait because you haven't read the best part yet, under the seats it has extra storage space! To carry some snacks, a backpack or even more toys!

We hope we helped you find the BEST Off Road Ride on Car for kids after your search. Don't wait any longer and get the most adventurous car, just like your child!
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