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Let your (silly)self be free! Get ready for a whole bunch of Knotted fun! You can easily get a dozen or more players at one time playing Get Knotted, which is like a massive twister game. This is fun on a giant level. A massive playing board, 2 inflatable dice and pegs to hold down the 10' x 10' square mat. Easy to set up. Huge fun to play. Throw the two giant inflatable dice to find out which part of your body you have to place on which colour flower. Your arms and legs will become entwined. But beware, fall over and you’re out of the game! Children take to Get Knotted - naturally. Try it as your next party or office function, we guarantee people will have fun twisting and stretching their bodies. You will get in-to positions you never dreamt of. The more players the merrier ..... and the sillier.

Make this Educational: This game is also great for teaching colour, left & right, listening skills and co-ordination for children.  

Includes: 1 10’ x 10’ mat, 8 pegs to anchor mat and 2 giant inflatable dice approx. 17”

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