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A real classic! 5 sacks are the perfect number for a race with friends. Never gets old! The material is good and resistant.


Sack racing has been a popular sporting activity for hundreds of years and remains
a fun and exciting activity today.
Who hasn't enjoyed this game as a child? But where to find a big sack when you need it?!?
At school, in backyard or at a social event, sack racing is an excellent game that can be
played by people of all ages. Each of the 5 brightly coloured sacks have been given
names to add to the rivalry: Fireball, Dozy, Fever, Wired and Mad Dog. Simply designate
each bag to a player and start having fun!
Each sack is 40 inches high and 23 1/2 inches wide, for both adults and children,
ensuring that sack racing is a family activity! Each sack is made with high quality jute
material, has double stitching and strong thread, making them extremely safe and
durable. This product comes packed in a zip fastening canvas carry bag with a
colourful insert.

Includes: 5 brightly coloured sacks in carrying case

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